How to Find Meat Goat Associations in Your Area

Boer goat breeding is on the rise. This is simply because the demand for their meat is becoming more popular. Aside from producing high quality meat, the goats can also be used for their milk, leather or hair (for wigs or make-up brushes).

Meat Goat Associations


Most first-time breeders start out unsure about their herd. Even if they have raised other farm animals before, goats are very different. It is a common misconception that goats are similar to sheep. However, the two species actually need different nutrients, defining the medicine and food they need.

Even if a first-time breeder has already raised pet goats, or even Boers, raising a full herd is very different. Here are some important tips to raising a herd for profit: Goats should be healthy and in top shape so that they can breed properly and produce healthy calves. Feeding, breeding, grazing and maintaining the goats good health are also important to create top quality meat and goat products.

There are several online resources and books available for breeders. However, these may not cover all the day-to-day questions that come up. As with any good business, it is important to have a mentor to talk to in case of any problems.

Initially, the breeder that owned the purchased goats may provide necessary assistance for the new heard. But it may be time consuming for the breeder, and they may not always be able to respond to queries in time.

For better long-term assistance, it is better to join meat goat associations or boer goat breeders associations. Most of these create an atmosphere for members to help each other, some even provide newsletters or updated news on their websites. It is best to keep up to date with the latest developments to make sure the boer goat business progresses. Linking with associations in the same area also provides specific information regarding local weather and soil.

Associations in the USA


The latter is one meat goat association that caters to members of a specific state. Other organizations include the Mississippi Goat Association and the Oregon Meat Goat Producers.

Associations in the UK


Associations in Canada



Associations in Australia


Associations in South Africa

  • Boer Goats – South Africa is a website that promotes the breed that was developed there. Most of the information on the website are resources for breeders.