Lesson #2: How Many Acres Do Boer Goats Need?

Today is lessons #2 in your Boer Goat Profits e-course. Ready? Let’s go!

A question I often get from farmers looking into Boer goats is “how
much land do I need”? That’s a great question – because to be honest,
Boers don’t do too well in confined spaces.

Here’s what Dr. John Luginbuhl, a Boer goat expert from North Carolina
State University,has to say about the acreage you’ll need for your Boers:

– The ideal number of Boers per acre is 6 – 8, plus the land you use
for other things.

– In developing your feed budget, budget for 6-8 goats per acre (or
in the spring, 4 does plus their kids). This assumes that during
certain periods of the year, you will have to make hay.

– It’s a good idea to use control grazing, which is shifting fences
ten feet every so often to gradually move the goats across the land
once they’ve finished a field.

– Boer goats are not going to grow on feed in the same way as beef cattle,
sheep, or lamb. So a feedlot is not a good environment for Boers.
They are happier and more suited to open browsing, and they don’t
put on enough weight to be worth the money spent on the feed itself.

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See you tomorrow – we’ll be discussing how many goats you should start
with, and where you should buy them!

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