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Goat Yoga

In the Willamette Valley, Oregon, Goat Yoga was created. Heather Davis was a Yoga instructor who incorporated goats into her yoga class on a local farm. The class proved to be beneficial for both participants and goats.

What is Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga is exactly what it sounds like – doing yoga amongst goats. Goat Yoga has many potential benefits for people, including stress relief, relaxation, self-discipline, and laughter therapy. At the very least, the goats get pets and treats! If you’ve ever been curious about the practice, consider taking a class with a goat.

Benefits of Goat Yoga
Goat Yoga is great for physical and mental health


Goat yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress, improve physical and mental health, and promote a relaxed state of mind. The playful, carefree nature of goats is contagious, and the physical contact helps you to release your stress. The animal’s lovable disposition releases oxytocin, a chemical that reduces stress and induces feelings of joy.

Stress relief

Goat yoga is a unique and fun way to relieve stress. The classes are not physically demanding compared to hot yoga, but the participants will feel a good workout, thanks to all the laughter. Goat Yoga is not recommended for those who are afraid of goats! The goats are friendly and love attention. Although the goats will rub up against participants, you can still enjoy your workout without any worry.

The benefits of goat yoga specifically are not well documented. However, Animal Therapy (also called Animal Assisted Therapy) is well understood, and the benefits and extend far beyond the physical. Animal Therapy is beneficial for a wide range of conditions, from depression to anxiety to building a positive body image. Goat yoga is a form of animal therapy, with an added helping of physical exercise via yoga.

Goat yoga has been known anecdotally to improve self-discipline and improve mood. Animal therapy in general reduces cortisol, the primary human stress hormone, in subjects.

Are there any disadvantages to Goat Yoga?

While goat yoga can help with stress, there are some disadvantages to practicing with goats. First of all, you have to go outside and practice the poses. The weather can be unpredictable, and you can’t always practice the poses outside. Second, goats may nuzzle you or soil your mat. Although goat yoga can be fun, it’s best for those who love animals. Goat yoga is also good for people with chronic pain.


Goat Yoga is a great way to start your day and improve your focus and mood. It can help you to stay on top of your work or studies.

While all forms of animal assisted therapy can help somewhat with your self discipline, there is anecdotal evidence that adding the physical aspect of yoga to the experience can boost the benefits.

Goat Yoga may help with self discipline

Laughter therapy

Goat yoga has many potential benefits, ranging from reduced blood pressure to the ability to relax and reduce stress. Goat yoga is fun, unique, and a great way to get outside your comfort zone. The animals are great for bonding, and you will likely feel happy afterward. It is also a great way to experience laughter therapy and get out of your head. Whether you practice goat yoga for relaxation, pain management, or stress relief, the goats are guaranteed to make you laugh.

The physical activity of petting a goat is a great way to relieve tension and release endorphins, and is especially effective for the elderly or for people with mental health disabilities. Goat yoga is a popular form of therapy for people suffering from depression or anxiety. The goats are also highly distractible, allowing you to focus and laugh, which are great things when dealing with mental health issues. Goat yoga may even be beneficial for people suffering from PTSD or chronic depression.

Improved mental and physical health

There are many benefits of practicing goat yoga, including improving mental health and helping to lose weight. It can also increase strength and flexibility, as well as endurance. It helps promote a positive body image and a calm, mindful state of mind. There are also numerous benefits of goat yoga for seniors. Goat yoga can help you find a way to connect with a therapy animal.

Research has shown that petting an animal can reduce stress and increase happiness, which is beneficial for our mental health. It has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. It can also reduce the need for certain medications for people with high blood pressure. It is also possible that goat yoga can help reduce high blood pressure and improve flexibility. However, while the benefits of petting animals and animal therapy is well understood, it should be noted that goat yoga in particular is not well studied.

Farm therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy is a fun way to relax. Goat yoga simply adds a physical facet to this popular form of therapy. Its primary physical benefits include strengthening and stretching the muscles and increasing flexibility. Other benefits include potentially reducing pain and burning calories.

You can experience goat yoga outdoors at a farm or in an indoor studio. Goats may jump up onto your back during certain poses and lie down next to you in cow pose. You may also get to pet baby goats or cuddle them.

Goat Yoga popularity

Goat yoga is catching on across the United States, and many celebrities are taking part, which further expands awareness of this unique form of exercise and therapy.

Kate Bekinsale recently made the news after she posted photos and videos of her partaking in goat yoga. High profile folks like Ms. Beckinsale will surely raise awareness of this amazing, healthy activity.

Goat Yoga for the Goat Farmer

Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Pygmy Goats are the breeds most commonly used for goat therapy. They are great for cuddling and aren’t too big when they get up on a person.

Other friendly goats can also be included. A friendly, larger goat can simply receive pets and hugs from the yoga participants without actually climbing on them. I may be biased, but a nice, full sized Boer Goat would make an excellent addition to the animal therapy experience.

If you are already raising Nigerian Dwarf or Pygmy goats, you could certainly expand your business to include a goat yoga center. It could increase your revenue and increase the visibility of your farm with little further investment beyond what you are already doing.

Video: The Unexpected Benefits of Goat Yoga

This short video covers some of the benefits of goat yoga, straight from one of the creators of goat yoga.

Excellent video with one of the creators of Goat Yoga!

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