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Are Boer Goats Right For You?

  • Boer goats are hardy animals that can adapt to many different environments
  • Boer goats are fast growing (which means you can breed them quicker than other goat breeds)
  • Boer goats can prosper on poor pasture and brush that would not support other types of livestock. Some ranchers run Boer goats on the pasture after their cows – to clean up the weeds!
Herd of Boer Goats in Grassy Field
  • Boer goats are tame, gentle animals and the more you handle them, the gentler they become
  • Boer goats are good breeders. Under good conditions, Boer goat can kid 3 times in 2 years!
Boer Goats Mother and Kids
  • Boer goats consistently produce more muscling in less time than other goat breeds
  • Boer goats are good milkers, allowing them to raise multiple offspring with excellent weight gains
Happy Man and Woman with Kid Goat and Bottles of Milk
  • Boer female kids can reach puberty at 6 months of age and are considered early breeders. Male kids can be used for breeding at 5 to 6 months of age
  • Compared with other goat breeds, Boers put on more weight and generally look fuller and healthier
Boer Goats being judged for Health and Breeding suitability

Hope you find my website a helpful resource, and that you will enjoy raising Boer Goats as much as I do!

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