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Goat Farm Equipment

So you’re making a list of goat farm equipment, planning on growing your own herd of goats, excited to hear the pitter patter of little hooves running around in the pasture with their doting mothers close behind…

Well, before you can realize any of that you’ll need to have a few things in your barn to set yourself up for ultimate success.  This guide will walk you through the equipment required for goat farming, to help you achieve that success when you start your goat operation.

Portable Generator

Goat Farm Equipment

Whether you’re planning on starting your goat farm out in the sticks without power or you’re planning on starting your farm right outside your back door, a portable generator can prove to be an invaluable asset to your goats.  

There may be cold days and nights where a kid may need extra help and power is required to pull them through another day.  Or the power may go out in your area leaving you without the luxury of plugging in.  Whatever the case may be, it is much better to be safe than sorry to protect the lives of your livestock.

A great option in the portable generator department is the Westinghouse IGEN1200. This is a very cost-effective inverted generator that retails at $500.  The nice thing about having an inverted generator is that they run quieter and, on less fuel, than a conventional generator.  You can also carry this generator around with ease since it only weighs 33 pounds, making it easy to get to those hard to access places.


Goat Farm Equipment

Every self-respecting country person knows that a wheelbarrow is a farm work staple to get jobs done. Whether it be moving hay or dumping manure, this handy tool can make a hard job a whole lot easier.  As you shop for a wheelbarrow, you will find that there are a couple different varieties as far as size and the number of wheels the wheelbarrow has.

If you are forward thinking, as far as making jobs easier on yourself in the future, then the GroundWork Poly Dump Cart may be an excellent option for you.  This 4wheeled dump cart is the ultimate wheelbarrow since it acts as a multipurpose wagon with a dump bed.  It can make a hard job that much easier with a retail price of $109.  It costs more than a conventional wheelbarrow, but will pay for itself in the ease it will provide you.

Garbage Cans

Goat Farm Equipment

Never underestimate the power of garbage cans.  On the farm these underestimated everyday tools can provide you with many cash saving opportunities.  A clean garbage can can easily become a place to store grain and other essential supplies that you want to protect from mice.  

A metal garbage can like the Behrens Galvanized Steel 6 Gallon Can can hold a 50 pound bag of grain or whatever else you want it to at an affordable price of $18.

Lawn Mower

Goat Farm Equipment

Your goats may not eat a pasture down fast enough, causing weeds to get out of control and become a fire hazard, or make an electric fence ground rendering it ineffective.  To prevent this, it may be advantageous to invest in a small lawn mower.  

Something like the Troy-Bilt 21 inch Push Mower will help you prevent problems while not breaking the bank at only $200.

Manure Spreader

Goat Farm Equipment

A good manure spreader should never be underestimated when it comes to having goats out at pasture.  When you have a manure spreader it enables you to fertilize your pasture with the manure your goats leave behind.  

The Yard Tuff 4×4 Drag Harrow is a great option to pull behind your atv or riding mower at only $280.  This type of harrow allows you to redistribute manure around your pasture while leveling your ground.  Using this tool will enable you to fertilize your own pasture, making for healthier grass and happier goats.

Farm Jack

Goat Farm Equipment

What can’t a farm jack do? There are very few things that you are limited to do with a farm jack.  A few of the things this handy tool can do are help lift a shed, pull stumps, and act as a winch.  This handy tool can prove invaluable when used on a goat farm.  

If you are going to get one a good option is the Bulldog 36” Farm Jack.  With a 7,000 pound weight capacity, this tough jack can complete many jobs for you with a cost effective price tag of $80.

Irrigation System

Goat Farm Equipment

Unless you plan on running your goats on a dry farm, you will need to figure out an irrigation system.  Depending on the land you run your goats on along with any water rights you may have, will determine what kind of irrigation system will be right for you.  

If your goats are outside your backdoor on pasture and you plan on watering them using your well, a great option is the Aqua Joe Tripod Sprinkler.  This tough sprinkler covers 1,390 square feet and can stand above tall grasses.  The price tag on it is very economical at only $40 and will pay for itself in the amount of savings it will provide in healthy grass for your goats.

Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights,Tomshine Auto On/Off Outdoor Pendant Light with Remote Control,Brightness Adjustment Solar Shed Light for Garden Patio
Solar Lights Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Solar Flood Lights 30 LED Spotlight, Remote Control 9.2Ft Cord Easy-to-Install Security Lights with Adjustable Solar Panel for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck

It seems that goats love getting hurt and kidding when it is dark outside.  This makes it very difficult to take care of them. Yes, you can hold a flashlight or have someone else hold a flashlight, but then you are down at least one hand that would otherwise be used in aiding your goat.  

A better alternative is to have good lighting that you can switch on.  However, it costs a lot of money to run electricity to a barn and that is if there is power available where your goats are.  

One way to remedy this is a solar light system.  There are many options and styles to choose from.  

A great option for the interior of your goat barn is the TomShine Hanging Light With Remote.  Depending on your interior lighting needs you may only need one, but if you need more that shouldn’t be too painful since the retail price on each one is $30.  You will want something brighter for the exterior of your goat barn though.  To accomplish this you will want to go with the YiaMia Solar Light.  These are also $30 each which will make it possible for you to put more than one on the exterior of your goat barn.

Security Camera System

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee

Security cameras serve a dual purpose on a goat farm.  Their most obvious purpose is that of a security system, but their most vital role is that of a monitoring system.  When kidding season comes around a security camera system can help you keep an eye on does that are close to kidding and avoid multiple trips out to the barn at night to check on those does that act like they will be pregnant forever.

One of the best security camera systems for a goat farm has got to be the Eufy Wireless Camera System. These camera systems are completely wire free, hold a charge for 180 days, and can withstand the elements. They also have 1080p and night vision.  The nice thing about the Eufy brand is that they do not have any monthly fees like so many other brands.  Their price tag is also pretty conservative at $220 for their two camera system.

Composting System

Goat Farm Equipment

If you are interested in making your goat farm as waste free as possible you should consider a composting system.  Having a compost system will give you a leg up on making your own fertilizer that can benefit your pasture and any garden you may have.  

One good composting system is the Genesis 42 Gallon Dual Composter.  This composter can work on two different composting batches at once. The price on the composter is also very cost effective at only $130.

Electric Tools

Goat Farm Equipment

There are a couple electric tools you will need to put fence up as well as fixing your fence and building various things for your farm.  

The most important tool that you can have has got to be the drill.  An impact drill is preferable if you are going to be putting screws into solid pieces of wood.  Or better yet, you could go with the DeWalt 20V Impact Drill and Conventional Drill.  This provides you with an enormous amount of versatility and at only $190 it is well worth the investment.  

Your second important tool is the circular saw.  Using this tool enables you to cut wood to the specific lengths and shapes that you need for various projects around the farm.  The Porter Cable 15 Amp Circular Saw is a good option for you to use on your farm and only retails at $60.  Third would have to be a chainsaw.  

Many times, when you are starting a farm there will be trees and bushes that you need to thin out.  The Husqvarna 120 is a good option to make your job much easier and only retails at $180. Last, but not least has got to be a flashlight.  

It may even be advantageous to buy multiple flashlights in their various configurations to fit each situation that arises.  Some recommendations would be the JobSmart Lantern that costs $5, the JobSmart 3000 Lumen flashlight for $20, and the JobSmart HeadLight for $13.  Having all of these tools can help make work on the farm go much smoother.

Manual Tools

Although electric tools are important, nothing can truly replace a toolbox of quality manual tools.  

A vital tool to have in your toolbox is a good hammer.  Whether it be pounding nails or using it to bend metal, the Tekton 16 oz hammer will help you accomplish your hammer needs and only run you $15.

Make sure that wrenches are also included in your toolbox.  You will be surprised how many times these will become helpful as you put equipment together and build things.  The JobSmart 124 piece Toolset includes many wrenches that will be lifesavers when you are putting equipment together and will cost $120.  

Pliers will also become an invaluable tool as you put up fence, fix fence, secure equipment, and so much more.  The JobSmart Fencing Pliers will become one of your favorite tools to have on hand and are very cost effective at $10.  

Now, for something you should always have on yourself, the utility knife.  These often-overlooked tools can do just about anything you need them to in a pinch.  The Olympia Utility Knife is a cost effective option at only $12.  

All of these tools together will help you as you build and grow your farm.


Having this small farm equipment will help get you off to a good start and help you along the way as you raise healthy goats.  Soon enough you will be able to hear the pitter patter of kid hooves running in your pasture with their beautiful moms trailing behind them!  

Now, the only question you need to ask yourself is: when are you going to start building your goat farm?

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