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Goat Grooming Supplies

If only goats could just wake up in the morning and be show ready!

Unfortunately, they don’t get show ready without effort on your part. In fact, sometimes they seem to try and sabotage your attempt at making them show ready.

Here is a guide for products you can use to make your job of getting your goat show ready all that much easier.

Trimming Stand

Goat Grooming Supplies

It’s too bad that goats don’t hold still to get all dolled up. That’s why the trimming stand exists!  

This nifty tool holds your goat still so that you can groom them in an efficient manner while keeping your goat safe.  To use it your goat’s head on the head holder and you secure it the buckle on the stand.  Then you get to work trimming them.

The Weaver Leather Trimming Stand is one of the options on the market that is definitely one to consider.  This stand is $280, so it will cost you, but it is a good investment to make if you are serious about showing your goats.  

Or, if you’re handy and want to save some money, you make your own trimming stand.  WAfamilyman shared a good DIY Goat Trimming Stand that you can use as a guide if you decide to build your own.


Goat Grooming Supplies

A good set of clippers can make a job of grooming your goat that much easier and give your goat a more professional look.  Instead of fighting with a pair of scissors, clippers do the work for you.  They also give your goat an even cut, when used correctly.  

Show-Rite Show Feeds has a great video that can show you how to use a set of clippers for show goat clipping.

A good name brand for clippers has got to be Wahl. This company has made a name for itself in the clipper industry for humans and animals alike and is trusted among many professionals.  

One of their good clipper sets that you can use on your goats has got is the Wahl Figura.  This set has an adjustable blade so that you can get the exact hair length you are looking for.  You will have to pay $120 for the set, which will be a great investment if you are going to be using it to prepare your goats for shows.


Goat Grooming Supplies

Even though scissors should not be used on the whole body, they are a great way to catch things that your clippers cannot get to or that you missed.  They can also be nice to have if your goat is having a hard time with the clippers.  

You will want to make sure that your scissors are sharp enough to cut your goat’s hair so that they are effective and never use them to cut paper, because it makes them dull.

One good pair of scissors that you can use specifically for cutting your goat’s hair is the Heritage Heavy Duty Cutlery Shears.  These scissors are designed specifically for cutting hair and have a good rating. You will only pay $15 for them, making them a great tool to have at your disposal.


Goat Grooming Supplies

There are many soaps you should consider for your goats since there are many needs that different goats have and even more options on the market.  

Farnam Vetrolin White N' Brite, Deep cleaning and Color Brightening Shampoo for Horses and Dogs, 32 ounce

One need for some goats is whitening. White goats get grass stains and need to be cleaned and have their coat whitened so they show to their fullest potential.  

For goats with white coats the Farnam White N Brite Shampoo can be extremely useful at $22.

You can also use an all-purpose soap for your goat. Something like eZall Total Body Wash can be a great general purpose soap to have around to wash your goats with.  A gallon of it costs $35 and should last for a very long time, depending on how many goats you have and how often you wash them.  

Goat Grooming Supplies

Even with an all-purpose soap you will have some black goats that need some extra care.  Since the sun bleaches black coats, your goats will get brown tips in their hair that are sun-bleached. To prevent this you could keep them out of the sun, but then you won’t be able to see them frolicking in your pasture.  So, to fix this problem you can dye their sun-bleached coat back to black.  

The Weaver Leather Black ProDye will help you make your goat have its beautiful black coat back.  It will cost you $60, so you may want to consider blanketing your black goats to prevent  some of the sun bleaching.


Utopia Towels Cotton Towels,White, 22 x 44 Inches Towels for Pool, Spa, and Gym Lightweight and Highly Absorbent Quick Drying Towels, (Pack of 6)

Once you have washed your goat off you will need to dry it off.  

Some people will let their goats airdry while others use towels.  A normal towel should do the trick if you are one of the people that likes to dry your goat off with a towel.  It doesn’t have to be brand new; it can be an old one that you used to use.  

If you have your heart set on buying your goat their own towels though, the Utopia 6 Set of Bathroom Towels won’t hurt your pocketbook to much at $26.


Tough 1 Great Grip Spring Curry, Royal Blue
Wapodeai Wide Tooth Comb Detangling Hair Brush, Professional Styling Comb Black Carbon Fiber, Anti Static Heat Resistant Hair Comb, Suitable for all Kinds of Hair.

It is best to have an assortment of brushes to groom your goat with.  As you become more experienced with grooming your goat you will find which ones work best for different applications.  

For example, a wire curry comb is one of the best ways to get rid of crusted on mud and winter hair while a soft bristle curry comb is a great way to get rid of dust.  You will also find different orders to use your brushes for that ultimate show look.  

Some highly recommended brushes to have on hand are a hard bristle curry comb, a soft bristle curry comb, a metal curry comb, a rubber curry comb, a plastic curry comb and a hair pick.  Each of these brushes is under $15, but sometimes you can save money by buying a set and purchasing whatever else is missing.

Hoof Trimmers

Goat Grooming Supplies

You will want to have a good set of hoof trimmers so it doesn’t sound like you brought a tap dancer to the goat show when you pull your goat out. Trimming your goat will also help with its health as well, so it really is a win-win when you trim your goat.

A good set of hoof trimmers you can use are the Producer’s Pride Trimmers.  These handy trimmers are $27 and will save you the embarrassment of a tap-dancing goat while protecting the health of your goat.  

If you are not sure how to trim your goat’s hooves you can watch How to Trim Goat Hooves by OSUMeatGoats.

Hoof File

Goat Grooming Supplies

A hoof file, or hoof rasp, is a great way to finish trimming your goat’s hooves, giving them a smooth finish.  

Just like a human fingernail file, a hoof file smooths the hoof at the end of a good trim to avoid snagging edges or a rough appearance.  Having one of these will aid in the care of your goat’s hooves.

One of the best brands on the market when it comes to hoof care is Diamond.  The products from Diamond are great quality and make your hoof care job easier on you and your goat.  Their Diamond Mini Rasp is a great option for goats.  This rasp will cost you $28 and will be more efficient than other brands on the market.

Hoof Bath

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Container, 9 Cup, Racer Red 1777090

Hooves are a big part of what makes your goat show ready.  

By using a Rubbermaid container to bath your goat’s hooves in you will be able to make sure their hooves are clean as can be.  You don’t have to buy a brand new one, you can always donate one of the old ones that are sticking around your house.  

If you really do want to buy a new container though you can find a good Rubbermaid Container for $10 on Amazon.

Once you have cleaned your goat’s hooves it would be a shame to leave them unpolished.  Just like humans use nail polish, goats have can use hoof polish as well to have a richer look to their hooves.  

Using some Absorbine Hoof Polish may score you some extra points at the show.  Buying this will cost $16 and may go a long way with your other goats that you show.

Video: Grooming A Goat

This excellent video covers important elements of goat grooming

Wrapping Up

There truly are many things to do to get your goat show ready.  It would be wonderful if they woke up all ready to go, but that would take the fun out of dolling them up.  By having these tools on hand, you will be able to successfully get your goat ready for a show.

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