Pygmy Goats for Sale in Indiana: Current Directory of Pygmy Goat Breeders in Indiana




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Pygmy Goats for Sale in Indiana

If you’re looking for Pygmy goats for sale in Indiana, you’ve come to the right place! Because on this page you’ll find a complete, current list of Pygmy goat breeders in Indiana.

We also provide an interactive map that shows you where the Pygmy goats are for sale in Indiana.

We also have a list of Pygmy goat resources in Indiana (state associations, extension programs, and more) that can help your Pygmy goat operation!

Map of Indiana Pygmy Goat Breeders

(Click the red pin on the map to see the address of the breeder and get directions.)

Pygmy Goat for Sale in Indiana – Current List of Indiana Pygmy Goat Breeders

ACHieve Farms


Alison Headley


2355 N 475 E Fremont, IN, 46737


[email protected]



AK Countryside Farm


Ashley Keldsen


4303 E 350 N Rolling Prairie, IN, 46371


[email protected]



B&B Pygmies


Brittany Allen


8815 E 750 N Walkerton, IN, 46574


[email protected]



Backyard Acre


Tim, Kelly, Josh, Alexis & Breanna Leidig


7312 S 100 E Warren, IN, 46792


[email protected]


(260) 375-3340

Boyer’s Barnyard


Amanda R Boyer


10281 S 500 E Warren, IN, 46792


[email protected]



C & C Kids


Bethany & Debbie Chew


252 E 1550 N Covington, IN, 47932


[email protected]





C&C Kids


Olivia Crowder- Crowder/Chew Families


415 S Eugene Ave. Cayuga, IN, 47928


[email protected]





Capricorn Starr


Brittany Swackhamer


24815 SR 213 Cicero, IN, 46034


[email protected]


(765) 412-1781



Carrie’s Buddies


Deb & Carrie Graf


2564W 100 SO RRensselar, IN, 47978


[email protected]





Channel Acres


George and Susan Neal


8437 east state rd. 4 Walkerton, IN, 46574


[email protected]


(219) 363-3336



Cracker Box Farm


Mark Horvath


68810 Oak Rd. Lakeville, IN, 46536


[email protected]





Farr Goat Farm


Jeremy & Cortney Farr


487 West 800 South Warren, IN, 46792


[email protected]



Glacier Hill Farms


Grant Bell


4132 N County Road 200 W Sullivan, IN, 47882


[email protected]



GVS Pygmies


Sheila Vogel


Warren, IN, 46792


[email protected]


(260) 468-2577



Happy Flocker’s Pygmies


Debbi Pfeiffer


4985 N 600 E, Fremont, IN, 46737


[email protected]





Holton’s Happy Acres


Audra Holton


4409 S County Road 25 West, Greencastle, IN, 46135


[email protected]





Lil’ Champs


Mike & Heather Putman


324 N Collage Ave. Rensselaer, IN, 47978


[email protected]





Loon Creek Pygmies


John Brewer & Fmly/ Adam Close & Fmly


1492 S 500 W Huntington, IN, 46750


[email protected]





Pinehaven Farms


Pat, Jenny, Taylor & Garrett Scher


5392 W 900 N Huntington, IN, 46750


[email protected]





Polk Creek Farm


Cheryl & Grant Rogers


7619 Oscar Long Rd, Marysville, IN, 47141


[email protected]





Punkin Center Pygmys


Jamie Holsapple


3504 N Co Rd 500 E Orleans, IN, 47452


[email protected]





Wabash River Valley Farm


Angie & Katy Nine


2173 W 400 N -90 Markle, IN, 46770


[email protected]


(260) 417-0239

Willow Branch Farm


Laura Rees


734 N Hickory St. Ladoga, IN, 47954


[email protected]





Young Farms


Kelly Young


9103 E 500 S, Walton, IN, 46994


[email protected]


(765) 860-7621

Pygmy Goat Resources in Indiana


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4-H Clubs

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