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Goats are known for their exceptional ability to browse and graze on various types of foliage, which is important for their overall health and well-being. Providing them with an optimal environment for feeding is crucial, and that’s where a well-designed goat feeder comes into play. A goat feeder not only allows for better portioning and management of your goat’s food, but it also helps to ensure less wastage and promotes a cleaner and healthier feeding area.

Best Goat Feeder

Selecting The Best Goat Feeder For Your Goats

With a variety of goat feeders available, making the right choice for your herd can be a daunting task. Different materials, sizes, and designs cater to different needs and preferences. Selecting the right one requires considering important factors such as the number of goats, their size, and their feeding habits.

When choosing the best goat feeder, pay attention to key features, such as durability, ease of cleaning, and overall functionality. The material of the feeder plays a significant role in its sturdiness, with options like plastic, metal, or wood offering varying levels of durability and maintenance requirements. Equally as important, consider the overall design of the feeder, which should promote ease of access for your goats while minimizing spillage and waste of feed. The size of the feeder also matters, as it needs to accommodate your herd and the amount of food required to keep them healthy and thriving.

Taking these factors into account will help you determine the best goat feeder to suit your herd’s needs and maintain their ideal eating environment. Let’s delve into some of the top goat feeders available and what they have to offer.

Best Goat Feeders

Below, you will find our carefully curated list of the top goat feeders available in the market. These selections will help you provide the best nourishment and convenience for your goats.

APRICOCK 2 Pack Feed Trough and Waterer Bucket

APRICOCK Goat Feeder

This APRICOCK Goat Feeder provides a durable and versatile solution for feeding and watering your livestock.


  • Made from BPA-free, thickened PP plastic for safety and durability
  • Ideal for grain or mineral feeding, and can grow a variety of greenery
  • Easy to use with included clips and screws


  • Some users reported weak clips that broke after a few weeks of use
  • May not be large enough for bigger livestock like sheep
  • Holes may need to be drilled in the bottom to prevent water buildup

This APRICOCK Goat Feeder offers an easy-to-use and versatile feeding trough to keep your goats, chickens, and other animals happy and healthy. Made from thickened, BPA-free PP plastic, this feeder ensures the safety of your livestock’s food and water, while also being resistant to heat and cracking.

With a wide range of uses, from mineral or grain feeding to growing various types of greenery, you’re able to cater to the specific needs of your animals. You can easily suspend the trough from wire mesh or mount it on fences or walls with the included clips and screws.

However, keep in mind that some users have reported issues with the clips breaking after a few weeks of use. Additionally, this feeder may not be large enough for larger livestock like sheep, and you might need to drill holes in the bottom to prevent water buildup in certain cases.

Overall, the APRICOCK 2 Pack Feed Trough and Waterer Bucket is a reliable and user-friendly option for feeding and watering your livestock. Just be aware of its potential limitations and ensure it meets your specific needs before purchasing.

Rugged Ranch 4′ Mini Pasture Feeder

Rugged Ranch Mini Pasture Feeder

Consider the Rugged Ranch 4′ Mini Pasture Feeder if you’re looking for a durable and convenient feeder for your goats, sheep, or miniature horses.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Prevents hay wastage
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • May not be suitable for larger animals
  • Some hay waste possible
  • Bulkiness

The Rugged Ranch 4′ Mini Pasture Feeder is designed specifically for smaller animals like goats, sheep, and miniature horses. Its heavy-duty construction ensures durability, while the pre-galvanized catch basin and hot galvanized hay rack help minimize hay wastage. If ease of assembly is important to you, this may be the best goat hay feeder.

One of the best aspects of this feeder is its quick and easy assembly – it can be put together in just 10 minutes with only four bolts. This convenience allows you to start feeding your animals without any unnecessary delays.

However, the size and design of the feeder may not be suitable for larger animals or those that require more hay. Additionally, while the catch basin does help reduce feed waste, some hay may still fall off the tray, resulting in a small amount of waste.

Overall, the Rugged Ranch 4′ Mini Pasture Feeder is an excellent option for those seeking a sturdy and easy-to-assemble feeder for their smaller animals. Its design helps to reduce hay wastage, making it a cost-effective choice for your pasture.

Little Giant Classic Heavy-Duty Galvanized Metal 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder

Little Giant Classic Feeder

A versatile and heavy-duty 2-in-1 feeder, ideal for those in search of efficiency and durability in a goat feeder.


  • Space-saving mountable design
  • Reduces feed waste and lowers parasite ingestion
  • Extra hay capacity and forage-grain combo


  • Assembly might be challenging
  • Potential alignment issues in side pieces
  • Inaccurate hardware sizes provided

The Little Giant Classic Heavy-Duty Galvanized Metal 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder is designed to save you space while providing the necessary feed to your animals. Mount it on rail, chain-link, or hurricane fencing without needing any tools, which makes it convenient and hassle-free to set up in your desired location. Once installed, this is possibly the best goat hay feeder.

One of its key features is the reduction of feed waste, allowing your goats to feed without scattering hay around. Additionally, it helps prevent the ingestion of parasites. The feeder can hold up to two flakes of hay, ensuring your animals have a constant supply of forage while also providing them a separate compartment for consuming grain.

Crafted with heavy-duty galvanized metal, this feeder is built to withstand up to 10 mature sheep or goats. The construction is strong to ensure the feeder remains functional for longer and resists rusting.

However, it’s essential to note that assembling this feeder can be challenging, as some customers have encountered alignment issues with the side pieces, and inaccurate hardware sizes have been provided. With a resourceful approach, these issues can be resolved, paving the way for an efficient and sturdy feeder for your goats.

In conclusion, the Little Giant Classic Heavy-Duty Galvanized Metal 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder presents itself as a practical choice if you’re in search of a feeder that helps save space, reduces feed waste, and offers extra hay capacity. Be prepared for potential assembly challenges, but overall, it offers excellent value for your investment.

Rugged Ranch SGGBF Wall Mounted Rustproof Galvanized Steel Livestock Hay Feeder Rack

Rugged Ranch SGGBF

The Rugged Ranch Hay Feeder Rack is a worthwhile investment for providing your goats and other livestock with easy access to food while being durable and versatile.


  • Easy access to food for various livestock
  • Rustproof galvanized steel construction
  • Convenient wall mounting for diverse settings


  • Open bottom may cause hay spillage
  • Large grid holes may be unsuitable for small animals
  • Some animals may pull hay out instead of eating from the rack

This Rugged Ranch Hay Feeder Rack allows your goats, sheep, horses, and other livestock a handy place to graze throughout the day. The rustproof galvanized steel construction ensures it will withstand both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for pens, stables, shows, and various locations where your animals need a food source, the wall-mounted hayrack can be installed with ease.

The large 4 x 4 grid provides plenty of access to timothy hay, alfalfa hay, and other treats while keeping them from becoming bedding. However, the open bottom design may cause some hay to fall through, leading to potential waste. While the size of the grid holes makes it great for most farm animals, smaller animals’ heads may get stuck, so be cautious if using with smaller breeds.

Some animals may pull hay out of the feeder rather than eat directly from the rack. Though this experience may vary, it’s essential to be aware that the product might not work well for all animals.

In summary, the Rugged Ranch SGGBF Wall Mounted Rustproof Galvanized Steel Livestock Hay Feeder Rack is an excellent option for providing your goats and other livestock easy access to food in various settings. Its durability, convenience, and versatile design make it a valuable addition to your farm or barn.



The FORTEX INDUSTRIES Dual Mineral Feeder is ideal for those looking to provide proper nutrition to their goats in a durable and efficient manner.


  • Two 1 3/4 quart sized compartments for feed supplements
  • Sturdy installation with flanges on both top and bottom
  • Made in the USA


  • Slightly bulky design
  • No automatic refilling feature
  • Limited to two compartments

This dual mineral feeder from FORTEX INDUSTRIES is designed with two 1 3/4 quart sized compartments, allowing you to easily administer feed supplements, minerals, and vitamins to your goats. The feeder permits free choice feeding, ensuring that your goats get the nutrients they need whenever they desire.

Installation of the feeder is made sturdy and secure by the flanges provided on both the top and bottom. This ensures that the feeder remains anchored to the desired location, keeping your goats’ feeding area neat and organized. Additionally, the feeder is made in the USA, guaranteeing a high level of quality and craftsmanship.

The main drawback of the FORTEX INDUSTRIES Dual Mineral Feeder is its slightly bulky design. While this does not impact its functionality, it can be a bit cumbersome to install in smaller spaces. Additionally, the feeder is limited to two compartments, which may be an issue if you require more feeding space. Moreover, it lacks an automatic refilling feature, which means you will need to manually replenish the feed as needed.

In conclusion, the FORTEX INDUSTRIES Dual Mineral Feeder is a simple yet effective option for those looking to provide proper nutrition to their goats. Its sturdy installation and made-in-USA quality make it a reliable choice, but the lack of automatic refilling and limited compartments may be factors to consider depending on your specific needs.

Little Giant Animal Mineral Feeder

Little Giant Animal Mineral Feeder

This feeder is a great choice for goat owners seeking a versatile and durable mineral feeder to provide essential nutrients to their animals.


  • Two compartment design for versatile dispensing
  • Tough DuraFlex plastic construction
  • Wall mount capable for easy installation


  • Lag screws for mounting not included
  • May be smaller than expected for some users
  • Plastic material may be less durable than metal options

The Little Giant Animal Mineral Feeder is designed with two compartments, allowing it to dispense feed, minerals, vitamins, supplements, or liquids with ease. This feature ensures that your goats receive all the necessary nutrients they need in a convenient manner, making it a perfect addition to your feeding routine.

Constructed with tough DuraFlex plastic, the feeder is resistant to cracks, shattering, and UV damage. This material ensures that it will withstand the demands of a busy goat farm, even in challenging environments. However, the plastic may not be as durable as metal options, so you should consider your specific needs when deciding whether this feeder is suitable for you.

Mounting the feeder to a wall or fence is quick and easy, thanks to its wall mount capabilities. Unfortunately, the three lag screws required for mounting are not included, which may be an inconvenience for some users. Additionally, some customers have found the feeder to be smaller than anticipated, so make sure to double-check if its size meets your requirements.

Overall, the Little Giant Animal Mineral Feeder is a practical and valuable addition to any goat farm looking to optimize their animals’ nutrition. Its versatility and durability make it a good investment, but you should consider your specific needs and preferences, such as size and material, before purchasing.

KANE Lamb/Goat Feeder

KANE Lamb/Goat Feeder

KANE Lamb/Goat Feeder is a top choice for ensuring efficient feed consumption and reducing waste.


  • Well-designed for maximizing feed consumption and minimizing waste
  • Durable polyethylene material ensures long-lasting use
  • Versatile for use with all types of dry feed


  • Wall-mount only, may be inconvenient for some setups
  • 72 lb capacity could be limiting for larger herds
  • No included mounting hardware

The KANE Lamb/Goat Feeder has an excellent design that allows you to keep the panel low, ensuring that your goats consume their feed efficiently while reducing waste. It’s a great asset for those looking to streamline their feeding process and keep their animals healthy and well-fed.

Built with tough polyethylene material, this feeder is made to last for years, providing you the durability and reliability you need in a goat feeder. The strong construction can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, ensuring consistent performance.

One of the best features of the KANE Lamb/Goat Feeder is its versatility. You can use it for any type of dry feed, including ground feeds and pelletized feeds. This means you have the flexibility to switch feed types without needing to purchase a new feeder.

On the downside, this feeder is designed for wall mounting only, which might be inconvenient in some setups. Additionally, the 72 lb feed capacity may be limiting if you have a larger herd. Lastly, mounting hardware isn’t included, which means you’ll need to purchase the necessary brackets and screws separately.

In conclusion, the KANE Lamb/Goat Feeder is an excellent option for those looking to maximize feed consumption and reduce waste. Its durable construction and versatility with different feed types make it a valuable addition to your farm. Just be aware of the issues related to mounting and feed capacity if you have a larger herd or specific setup requirements.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best goat feeder, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you make the right choice. In this guide, we will discuss the key features to look for when selecting a high-quality feeder for your goats.

The first thing to consider is the size and capacity of the feeder. Assess the number of goats you have and how much hay or feed they require daily. Choose a feeder large enough to accommodate your goats comfortably and provide enough food to last the entire day. This will minimize the need to refill the feeder often.

Next, take into account material and durability. Goat feeders are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood. Each material has its own pros and cons, so consider the conditions in which the feeder will be used. Metal and plastic feeders offer better weather resistance, while wood is a more natural choice, but may be susceptible to rot or damage over time.

The design is another crucial aspect to examine. A well-designed goat feeder should minimize waste, allow for easy access for your goats while they’re eating, and be easy to clean. Waste-reducing features may include:

  • Hay racks designed to prevent hay from falling onto the ground and being trampled
  • Enclosed feeders that protect feed from rain and other weather elements

Additionally, the feeder should be height-adjustable to cater to goats of different sizes and ages. They should be able to reach the food easily without straining their necks or backs. Adjustable heights also help minimize food contamination from goat droppings.

Lastly, take into consideration ease of installation and portability. Depending on your goat management style, you may need to move the feeder frequently or attach it permanently to a wall or fence. Choose a feeder that can be easily mounted or dismounted without compromising its sturdiness.

By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to narrow down your options and select the best goat feeder that meets your needs and preferences.

Video – Best Goat Hay Feeder – Hay and Forage Evaluation

In this official video from Oklahoma State University, the OSU Northeast Area Agronomist, Brian Pugh, and the OSU Southeast Area Livestock Specialist Brian Freking discuss the quality of and methods to evaluate hay and forage for goats. Watch this informative video to find out what to put into your goat hay feeder. Skip to 6:00 to find out what the number one factor of hay quality is. Then skip to 7:10 to find out how to use a hay probe to sample and test your hay.

Goat Feeder and Goat Hay Feeder Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best goat feeder types?

There are several goat feeder types available on the market. Some popular ones include the hanging feeder, the wall-mounted feeder, and the ground feeder. The hanging feeder can be easily attached to fences or posts, and it helps keep hay off the ground. The wall-mounted feeder, on the other hand, is designed for corners or walls, which saves space. Lastly, the ground feeder is a low-cost option but may require regular cleaning to prevent spoilage.

What is the best goat hay feeder?

A good hay feeder for goats keeps the hay clean, dry, and accessible. A popular choice is the slatted wooden hay rack, which allows for air circulation and waste reduction. You may also consider using a slow-feed hay net, which can be hung at an appropriate height and encourages goats to eat at a slower pace by limiting the amount of hay available at once.Best Goat Hay Feeder

Are there automatic goat feeder options?

Automatic goat feeders are useful for providing a consistent flow of feed to your goats throughout the day. There are various options available, such as gravity feeders, which release feed as goats eat, and electronic feed dispensers, which can be programmed to release a specific amount of feed at set intervals.

How high should goat feeders be mounted?

When installing a feeder for your goats, keep in mind that the height should be adjustable to suit the age and size of your goats. As a general rule, the feeder should be high enough for the goats to comfortably eat without reaching too far upwards. For adult goats, a height of approximately 3 feet (or 90 cm) is recommended.

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