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fainting goats for sale
Fainting Goats are known for “fainting”

You may have been introduced to Fainting goats through viral YouTube videos showcasing their incredible talent of making people laugh with their fainting antics.  And like many people, you fell in love with how adorable Fainting goats are and want some of your own!


Finding a Fainting goat should not be terribly hard since they have won over the hearts of many who have gone on to breed these loveable animals.  Because of this, there are many sources that you can use to find a Fainting goat near you.  This guide will help walk you through the many places you can find a Fainting goat for sale near you!

Fainting Goat Breeder Farms

One of the best sources to find a Fainting goat for sale is to find a breeder farm.  People who breed Fainting goats, for the most part, are dedicated to bettering the breed and helping their buyers with their new goats. When you buy from a dedicated Fainting goat breeder like this, you can have the assurance that your goat is going to be the quality that you are looking for.  

You can meet with breeders at their farms, meet with them at goat shows, or check out their websites and Facebook pages. You will find good information in our Fainting Goat Breeder Directory below.

Fainting Goat Breeders in All 50 US States

Click your state in the list below to be taken to a directory that lists all current fainting goat breeders in your state:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho

Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi

Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma

Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Where to Look for Fainting goats for Sale

fainting goats for sale
There are quite a few Fainting Goat breeders in the USA

Fainting goat Associations

There are a bunch of associations dedicated to Fainting goats.  Nationally there are a few, as well as internationally.  


These associations many times have contacts on them that you can use to find a local Fainting goat breeder.  You can also go to their goat shows so that you can meet people within the association and make friendships.  By creating these relationships, you will increase your chances of finding a quality Fainting goat.  

You can also check out local goat associations that are not dedicated to just one breed.


Here is a list of associations that are dedicated to Fainting goats that you can use to find a Fainting goat:

Facebook Groups

With the creation of Facebook came the ability to talk to people you never would have met otherwise (including some you would never want to!)  

Using Facebook to find a Fainting goat can be extremely helpful.  On Facebook, you can search for Fainting goat farms and breeders that are close to you.  You can also see the reviews that people have left as well.  Another important way to use Facebook is their groups.  


Facebook groups have become a way many people sell animals because they connect people with similar interests that have cash burning a hole in their pocket.  Many times on these groups there will be missing information because Facebook will remove posts that appear to be selling animals.  So you will need to contact the person posting their goat to find out more information.


Here is a list of some of the Fainting goat Facebook groups you can use to find a Fainting goat:

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Fainting goat?

These cute little goats are not bad when it comes to price.  Since these little guys are generally used as pets, their price reflects that for the most part.  

Here are average prices for Fainting goats in the US:

  • Fainting goat kid will cost around $100
  • An adult doe will cost around $150
  • An adult buck will cost around $150
  • An adult whether will cost around $100  

These average prices show that Fainting goats are extremely affordable compared with other breeds.  However, there are other factors that can change the price of the Fainting goat you are looking for.

Factors That Determine the Cost of a Fainting goat

Many factors are taken into account when determining the value and final cost of a Fainting goat:

  • First has got to be the health of the goat.  The lack of health in a goat can make it absolutely worthless as far as money goes.  
  • Second is the show quality of the goat.  When people plan on showing an animal, they already expect to pay a premium because of the extra time and money put into a show animal.  
  • Third is the age of the goat.  Since Fainting goats are commonly just used as pets, young animals are much more desirable than older animals.  
  • Finally, the market plays a huge role in the value of a Fainting goat.  When the market is flooded with Fainting goats and the demand is low, the price is not going to be as high as when the market has limited Fainting goats and the demand is high.

How to Buy a Fainting goat – Important Things to Looks for

fainting goat
Fainting Goats are typically moderately priced

Just like when you buy any animal, you will need to know what to look for to make sure you are paying a fair amount for what you are getting.  

The first thing you will want to look at is the health of the Fainting goat.  Buying a sick goat can cause more problems than you realize, so you will want to check the overall health of the animal before you pay for it.  

Next is the temperament of the Fainting goat.  Since your goat is mainly going to be a pet, you will want to have it be kind and gentle, especially if you have kids.  

Another thing that you cannot overlook is the conformation of the goat.  This may not be important to you if you do not plan on showing your goat.  However, if you do plan on showing your Fainting goat, you will want to become familiar with the American Fainting goat Organization Breed Standard.  

Once you have become educated on these things you will be able to make more informed decisions when you buy a Fainting goat.

Other Websites to Learn About Fainting goats

With the popularity of this breed being so great, it should come as no surprise that there are many websites dedicated to educating people on Fainting goats.  

Some of these websites are not as valuable as others, so you will need to make sure that when you read about Fainting goats on websites that you are reading from reputable sources.  Here is a list of reputable sites dedicated to Fainting goats that you can use in your education on the breed:


Fainting goats are a very popular breed for many reasons.  One of the top reasons is their viral videos that are circulating on the internet.  Another reason is their kind and gentle nature that make them great pets.  Clearly, people have fallen head over heels for these adorable goats.  Because of this, these goats have become increasingly easy to find.  

Buying one won’t hurt your pocketbook either.  With their economical price and their low maintenance, these goats are an easy option for many people.  

The biggest problem you may run into with finding a Fainting goat is if you want to show.  Since Fainting goats are commonly used as pets, there is not as much of a push for people to breed show Fainting goats.  However, it is not impossible to find a Fainting goat for you to show.  

Once you find the right places to find show Fainting goats, it will become easier to buy show one (or a few!).  After you find your perfect Fainting goat, you may luck out and create a viral video with your newfound friend!

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