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The normal lifespan of goats varies by breed, so there is no single answer to the question “How Long Do Goats Live?” Please review the lifespans for nearly all of the global breeds below, or find the particular breed you are looking for.

How Long Do Boer Goats Live?

The Boer goat comes from South Africa and has been typically raised for its lean meat. Boer goats first came to the U.S. in 1993. Since their introduction, interest in breeding Boer goats has exploded. Boer goats are a gentle breed that experiences very quick growth rates. The average lifespan of a Boer goat is  8 to 12 years.

Boer Goat
Boer Goat Looking at Camera

How Long Do Fainting Goats Live?

Fainting goats originated in Tennessee in the late 19th century. They’re another breed of goat that’s bred for their lean meat. Fainting goats are known for responding to stressful situations by freezing up and falling over. A condition known as Myotonia congenita is responsible for this reaction to being startled and they’re sometimes referred to as Myotonic goats because of this trait. Fainting goats come in all colors and sizes. They’re a playful, friendly breed. Despite their condition, males typically live 8 to 12 years and does live 12 to 20 years.

Fainting Goat
Fainting Goat

How Long Do Alpine Goats Live?

Alpine goats are also known as French Alpine goats. They’re a dairy goat that originates from the French Alps mountain range. Alpine goats were imported to the United States from the French Alps and became very popular around the time of the World’s Fair of 1904. There are purebred Alpines that come directly from the Alps or as descendants of the pure Alpine lineage, as well as American Alpines which have the same characteristics as purebred Alpines but have other genetic influences and may have less conformity in their color and markings.

A medium-to-large-sized breed that is sturdy yet nimble, Alpine goats are highly adaptable animals. They produce high quantities of milk compared to other breeds. Alpine goats are highly social; friendly with humans; curious and quick learners. On average, Alpine goats live 12 to 20 years when cared for properly.

 Alpine Goat
Alpine Goat

How Long Do Nubian Goats Live?

Nubian goats are also referred to as Anglo-Nubian goats and they come from cross-breeding domestic English goats with imported lop-eared goats from the Middle East, India, and North Africa. They’re known for the flavorful, high butterfat content produced in their milk. Nubian goats are also well-known for their large, bell-shaped ears and “Roman” noses. Nubian goats have an average lifespan of 15 to 18 years.

Nubian Goat
Nubian goat standing in a wheat field

How Long Do Damascus Goats Live?

Damascus goats are also known as Shami, Aleppo, Halep, or Baladi goats. They originate from the Middle East and are known for their excellent commercial milk production, although they’re also used for their meat and leather. This breed can produce 3 to 4 kids per birth and is known for birthing twins and triplets. Damascus goats adapt well to all kinds of climates. They live 10 to 15 years on average.

Damascus Goat
Damascus goat watching over the field

How Long do Dwarf Goats Live?

Dwarf goats are also known as Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  See Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Dwarf Goats
Dwarf goats playing on log

How Long Do Lamancha Goats Live?

American LaMancha goats, also known just as LaManchas or Lamanchas, are the only breed of dairy goat originating from the U.S., beginning around 1927. LaManchas produce above-average amounts of milk that contains relatively high milk fat content. Stockier breed lines may be used as a potential meat source.

LaManchas are a hardy breed that is well-suited for almost all climates. However, they do need cold weather protection due to their short coats and lack of ear covering. Their short ears are perhaps their most recognizable trait- in either gopher or elfin style- which are both short (only 1-2 inches max) and must be turned up or down to be eligible for breed registration. Lamancha goats can be very affectionate, curious, and alert. They typically live between 7 to 10 years.

Lamancha Goats
LaMancha Goats checking for food

How Long Do Pygmy Goats Live?

African Pygmy or Pygmy goats are a small breed of meat goat originating from West Africa. They were originally known as the Cameroon Dwarf goat. Pygmy’s can also provide a small amount of high- quality milk but are mainly used as pets. 

They’re small, compact, and heavy-boned goats, with females weighing between 35-50 pounds and males weighing 40-60 pounds. African Pygmy goats have straight medium-long hair and come in a variety of colors. On average, pygmy goats live eight to twelve years.

Pygmy Goats
Pygmy Goats

How Long Do Angora Goats Live?

Angora goats are an ancient breed. There are even biblical references to their hair being used in clothing as early as the 14th century B.C. They originated from Asia Minor, a peninsula divided among Turkey, Greece, Kurdistan, Armenia, and Assyria. Over time they became established near Ankara, Turkey, which is where the name “Angora” is derived. 

Angora goats produce the luxurious fiber, mohair. They produce this fiber more efficiently than any other livestock in the world. Because of this, they must be sheared every 6 months. 

Angoras are also a considerable source of meat in the United States. This breed isn’t as hardy as others and does best in dry, open-range conditions. If cared for properly they can live up to 15 years.

Angora Goat
Angora goat making sure everyone can hear him

How Long Do Kiko Goats Live?

The Kiko goat is a large, hardy breed of meat goat that comes from New Zealand. They were introduced to the United States around 1995. Kikos can thrive in harsh feed deprivation conditions due to their voracious foraging capabilities. As a breed, Kiko goats are typically resistant to internal parasites and experience less foot rot when compared to other goat breeds. 

Kikos are generally white or cream in color but can include colors such as black. They have erect ears and tend to be an active, athletic breed. They’re better kept as livestock rather than pets, like some other goat breeds. Kiko goats can live between eight and twelve years.

Kiko Goat
Kiko Goat

How Long Do Saanen Goats Live?

Saanen goats come from the Saanen Valley of Switzerland. They are one of the largest and calmest dairy breeds, making them good as companions or for show. By 1930 approximately 150 of these goats were brought to the U.S. from Switzerland. On average, Saanen goats produce the most milk of dairy breeds. However, their milk has a lower butterfat content. 

They have short, fine hair that’s typically a creamy white color. Saanen goats have erect ears. Mature females can weigh 135 pounds or more and a male can weigh 160 pounds or more. This is another breed that is known to birth twins or triplets. Saanens can live about ten years.

Saanen Goat
Saanen goat in the barn

How Long Do Gulabi Goats Live?

The Gulabi goat, or Gulabi Pateri, originates from Pakistan. There are four breeds of goat that are crossed to create this breed- Pateri, Rajhanpuri, Kamori, and Beetal. They’re commonly used as pets in their native land. However, they produce a large amount of milk, up to 3 liters per milking, and they can be milked twice daily. They may also be raised for meat due to their large size. 

Gulabi Pateri goats are known for their characteristic white coloring, including their horns, and their long, wide ears. The purest of breeds may have pink tails. In fact, the name Gulabi is Urdu for the color pink. One of their other notable traits is hanging skin from their chins. Because of their coloring, they are vulnerable to the suns rays and should be provided shade or shelter from the sun. In general, females can live up to 16 years, while males can live 10 years. 

Gulabi Goat
Gulabi Goat

How Long Do Cashmere Goats Live?

Cashmere goats are a type of goat that produces cashmere fibers, not a breed of goat. They were imported to the United States in the late 1980s from Australia and New Zealand. Cashmere goats produce the super-fine fiber used to make expensive sweaters and coats. These goats are considered hardy animals. Their coats keep them warm in cold weather. 

Some breeds of Cashmere goats can also be used for their milk, especially when a Cashmere is crossed with a Saanen goat. Cashmere goats are typically small to medium-sized. They can live 10 to 12 years. 

Cashmere Goats
Cashmere goats are soft

How Long Do Toggenburg Goats Live ?

The Toggenburg goat is a dairy goat that originates from Toggenburg Valley of Switzerland at Obertoggenburg. It’s a sturdy, medium-sized goat that is well-suited to cool climates. Toggenburgs are known for their high milk production, with an average butterfat content of 3.7 percent. 

They have short-to-medium-length hair that’s soft and lies flat. Its color is typically solid with variations from light fawn to dark brown. Their distinct markings include white ears with a dark spot in the middle; two white stripes from above each eye down to the muzzle; white triangle on either side of the tail. 

Toggenburgs are noted as being the oldest known dairy goat breed. They live eight to twelve years on average. 

Toggenburg Goats
Toggenburg Goat

How Long Do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Live?

Nigerian Dwarf goats, commonly referred to as dwarf goats, are a miniature breed of goat that originates from West Africa. They’re a domesticated breed that can now be found around the world and they’re hardy enough to withstand almost any climate.  They’re known for the high butterfat content and protein in their milk- up to 10 percent more than other dairy goat breeds. 

Dwarf goats make great companion pets because they’re social, friendly, gentle, and calm. They come in various colors and patterns, including black, chocolate, gold, Dalmation-spotted, pint-patterned, and other combinations. Dwarf goats can live up to 15 years. 

Nigerian dwarf goat
Nigerian dwarf goat can come in many colors like this spotted pattern

How Long do Nigerian Pygmy Goats Live?

Nigerian Pygmy is another name for Pygmy Goats.  See Pygmy Goats

Nigerian pygmy goat
Nigerian Pygmy Goat

How Long to African Pygmy Goats Live?

African Pygmy is another name for Pygmy Goats.  See Pygmy Goats

African Pygmy Goat
African Pygmy Goat

How Long Do Oberhasli Goats Live?

Oberhasli goats are a sturdy medium-sized dairy goat that originates from the Canton of Berne region in Switzerland. These goats were originally known in the U.S. as “Swiss Alpines” until around 1979 when the American Dairy Goat Association recognized them as a separate breed. This breed is distinguished by its unique red-brown, or chamois, color with a black muzzle, black legs, and black dorsal stripe down their back.

Oberhasli goats can produce up to 1 ½ gallons of milk per day. They have a friendly, gentle, and alert temperament. This breed lives eight to twelve years.

Oberhasli Goats
Oberhasli Goat

How Long Do Kinder Goats Live?

Kinder goats are a fairly new breed, developed in 1985 in Snohomish, Washington, United States. They are the result of breeding Nubian does with a Pygmy buck. Kinders are medium-sized and used for both milk and meat production. They’re known for producing milk with a high butterfat content, sometimes more than 7 percent! Their milk also has more milk solids, allowing them to produce larger amounts of cheese.

Kinder goats are a highly productive and good-natured breed. This breed comes in a variety of colors. Does frequently have multiple births, most often triplets. Kinder goats can live to 15 years. 

Kinder Goat
Kinder Goat

How Long Do Savanna Goats Live?

Savanna goats are an extremely hardy meat goat that originates from South Africa. In 1955 breeders used the areas indigenous goats crossed with Boer goats to develop a breed of goat that could withstand extreme environmental conditions. These goats can travel long distances in search of food and water. 

Savannas have a smooth and short, totally white coat. They’re parasite tolerant and have an even yet lively temperament. These goats are very muscular and have exceptional reproduction rates. Does are highly fertile with a high rate of multiple births and make excellent mothers. Does typically weigh 125-200 pounds. While males weigh 200-250 pounds. The average lifespan of a Savanna goat is 8 to 12 years.

Savanna Goat
Savanna Goat

How Long Do Jamnapari Goats Live?

The Jamnapari, or Jamunapari, goat is a large breed of goat that originates from India. They’re the ancestors of the American Nubian and are bred for both meat and milk. They’ve become a popular breed in many countries because of their fast growth and high milk production. Jamnapari goats are very hardy and therefore experience fewer diseases when compared to other goat breeds. 

Jamunapari goats are tall and leggy, with a Roman nose and large, pendulous ears. They’re typically white with tan patches on the head and neck. Does commonly birth triplets and quadruplets. The average lifespan of a Jamnapari goat is 18 years. 

jamnapari goat
Jamnapari goat is a breed with longer ears

How Long Do Teacup Goats Live?

Teacup is another name for Pygmy Goats.  See Pygmy Goats

How Long Do Teacup Dwarf Goats Live?

Teacup Dwarf is another name for Nigerian Dwarf.  See Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

How Long Do French Alpine Goats Live?

French Alpine is another name for Alpine Goats.  See Alpine Goats.

How Long Do Golden Guernsey Goats Live?

The Golden Guernsey goat is a rare breed of goat originating from the Channel Islands off the coast of Britain. These goats are usually golden in color with variations in shades from light cream to brown and most have horns. Golden Guernsey goats are quiet and docile, making them good household animals. This breed is smaller than other standard sized dairy goat breeds. Despite this fact, they’re efficient producers of milk. And because their milk has a high butterfat and protein content, it’s good for making yogurt and cheese. Golden Guernsey’s can live up to 15 years. 

Golden Guernsey Goat
Golden Guernsey Goat standing in a field

How Long Do Pyrenean Goats Live?

The Pyrenean goat comes from the French and Spanish Pyrenees mountains and Cantabrian mountains of Spain. They’re believed to descend from the first goats kept in Mesopotamia, making them one of the oldest breeds. Pyreneans are bred for both meat and milk production. They’re a hardy breed that can adapt to extreme weather conditions and are well suited to mountainous regions. 

These goats are a large breed, usually with long, thick hair. In general, they’re dark brown or black with a lighter belly and feet. Pyrenean goats are tall with strong bones, both sexes have beards, and heavy, floppy ears. They’re renowned for their rich milk, which some believe protects against pulmonary diseases. This breed can live roughly 12 to 17 years.

Pyrenean goat
Golden Guernsey Goat standing in a field

How Long Do Russian White Goats Live?

Russian White goats are dairy goats originating in Russia. They’re also known as Russkaya Belaya, Russian Dairy goat, Improved Northern Russian goat, and Russian White Dairy goat. They were developed by cross-breeding Toggenburg and Saanan goats. It’s a hardy medium-sized breed with a white coat. They’ve been bred to withstand the extreme climates of Russia. 

Russian White goats produce 500 to 600 liters of nutritious milk each year. Their milk is high in protein and butterfat content, making it great for use in cheese, yogurt, cream, and butter. Occasionally this breed is also used for its skin which produces some of the finest leather available. They’re an active but calm and friendly breed. Russian White goats live 10 to 15 years on average. 

Russian white goats
Russian white goats

How Long Do Kamori Goats Live?

Kamori goats are a popular breed of dairy goat that can be found in the Sindh Province in Pakistan. They’re a rare breed made famous for their large size, long ears, and unusual coloring. Purebred Kamori goats are dark brown with coffee or fawn-colored patches over their entire body. Both females and males have small curved horns.

This breed is used for milk and meat production as well as breeding. Their meat is tender and delicious. However, since it’s such a rare breed they’re more valuable alive. They produce about 1.5 liters of good quality milk per day. 

Does have one breeding cycle per year and can produce twins and triplets. They are good mothers and the breed, in general, is calm and docile. On average, Kamori goats can live 8 to 12 years. 

Kamori Goats
Kamori goat is known for long ears and odd coloring

How Long Do Pateri Goats Live?

Pateri is another name fro Gulabi Goats.  See Gulabi Goats.

Pateri Goats
Pateri Goats

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