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If you’re looking for Pygmy goats for sale in California, you’ve come to the right place! Because on this page you’ll find a complete, current list of Pygmy goat breeders in California.

We also provide an interactive map that shows you where the Pygmy goats are for sale in California.

We also have a list of Pygmy goat resources in California (state associations, extension programs, and more) that can help your Pygmy goat operation!

If you know of a resource that we’ve missed, please make sure to send us a message!

Table of Contents:1 Map of California Pygmy Goat Breeders2 Pygmy Goat for Sale in California – Current List of California Pygmy Goat Breeders2.1 Black Oaks Ranch2.2 Bowler Farms2.3 C 4 Rascals2.4 CB Pygmies2.5 Daworth Pygmy Goats2.6 Dragonfly Ranch2.7 Falling Oaks Ranch2.8 Flying Turtle Ranch2.9 For Our Kids Pygmy Goats2.10 Fox Haven2.11 Gallopin’ Goats2.12 Goodnights2.13 Graceland Goat’s Pygmys2.14 Griffiths2.15 Haleys Comet2.16 Happy Goat Girl Farm2.17 Hurley’s Hillside2.18 K’s Heavenly Hill2.19 Little Eden’s2.20 Loloma Vista Springs2.21 Nibbly Goats2.22 Pampered Pygmies2.23 Pygmy Goats 4 Ashley2.24 Pygmy Goats By T.J.2.25 Top Goat2.26 Valkyries’ Ranch2.27 Valle Verde Pygmies2.28 Whirlwind Farms2.29 #1 Moore Kidd African Pygmy Goats2.30 Mini Pygmies2.31 Alpine Creek Pygmies2.32 Amber Waves Pygmy Goats2.33 Callie Jo Farms2.34 City Lights2.35 Critter Craze Ranch2.36 Dunn Deal Pygmys2.37 Happy Trails Farms2.38 Jamba’s Pygmies2.39 Ponycreek Ranch2.40 Proverbial Pygmies2.41 Twilight Ranch3 Pygmy Goat Resources in California3.1 Associations3.2 Publications3.3 University Agricultural Extension Programs & Services3.4 Events3.5 4-H Clubs3.6 Facebook Groups

Map of California Pygmy Goat Breeders

(Click the red pin on the map to see the address of the breeder and get directions.)

Pygmy Goat for Sale in California – Current List of California Pygmy Goat Breeders

Black Oaks Ranch

McClelland Family

11605 Black Rd Smartville, CA, 95977

[email protected]

(530) 432-0445


Bowler Farms

N. or R. Bowler

3255 Sierra College Blvd. Loomis, CA, 95650

[email protected]

(916) 652-3311

C 4 Rascals

Lane and Sandy Caldwell

713-100 Honey Girl Ln, Janesville, CA, 96114

[email protected]

(530) 260-0254

CB Pygmies

Jane Coneybeer

13125 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen, CA, 95442

[email protected]

(415) 309-9830

Daworth Pygmy Goats

David Wortham

1269 Fetzer Lane, Oakley, CA, 94561

[email protected]

(530) 923-2155

Dragonfly Ranch

Barbara & Dana Spaulding

23354 Hidden Ranch Rd., Auburn, CA, 95602

[email protected]



Falling Oaks Ranch

Diana King-Hockenberry

PO BOX 193 Montgomery Creek, CA, 96065

[email protected]



Flying Turtle Ranch

Dr. Elaine Krieg, DVM & Andrew Krieg

22248 East Hacienda Drive, Grass Valley, CA, 95949

[email protected]

(530) 305-3144


For Our Kids Pygmy Goats

JT, Becky, & Tristen Struthers

466-045 Lindblom Ln, Janesville, CA, 96114

[email protected]



Fox Haven

Karole & Gary Miller

20427 Starlight Lane, Grass Valley, CA, 95945

[email protected]



Gallopin’ Goats

Lynn & Courtnie Braziel

11097 Grenache Wy, Elk Grove, CA, 95624

[email protected]

(916) 682-1083



Alyssa Goodnight

42227 Rd. 409, Mendocino, CA, 95460

[email protected]



Graceland Goat’s Pygmys

Victoria Schildknecht

109 Alhambra Hill’s Dr., Martinez, CA, 94553





Katherine, Dr. Jay and J.J. Griffiths

17975 Placer Hills Rd. Meadow Vista, CA, 95722

[email protected]

Fax: (530)878-4771 / (916)801-0150


Haleys Comet

Donna/ Barry McMaster

14622 Pass Rd. Live Oak, CA, 95953

[email protected]



Happy Goat Girl Farm

Heather Thomason

522 Mt Davidson Ct. Clayton, CA, 94517

[email protected]


Hurley’s Hillside

Linda Hurley

3393 Little Valley Rd. Sunol, CA, 94586

[email protected]



K’s Heavenly Hill

Kevin Kress

13125 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen, CA, 95442

[email protected]



Little Eden’s

Eileen Heindselman

1095 Bald Hill Rd. Newcastle, CA, 95658

[email protected]


Loloma Vista Springs

Andrea Young

3020 Ayres Holmes Rd., Auburn, CA, 95602

[email protected]



Nibbly Goats

Monica Wilcox

2230 Burnside Rd, Sebastopol, CA, 95472

[email protected]

707-827-3457 / Fax: 7078273457


Pampered Pygmies

Angela Garvin

3427 Gravenstein Highway South, Sebastopol, CA, 95472

[email protected]



Pygmy Goats 4 Ashley

Doreen Elizabeth

1524 Old Cypress Ln. Auburn, CA, 95603

[email protected]



Pygmy Goats By T.J.

Josephson Family

18450 Alyse Court Cottonwood, CA, 96022

[email protected]



Top Goat

Astoria, Jada, and Ethan Ho

Mountain View, CA, 94040

[email protected]



Valkyries’ Ranch

Michelle Fonda / Nic Everett

604 AppleTree Lane Meadow Vista, CA, 95722

[email protected]

(530) 878-8775


Valle Verde Pygmies

Gina Miller

P.O. Box 967 Ferndale CA 95536

[email protected]

(707) 599-2602 / (707) 725-9044 / Fax: (707) 725-9044


Whirlwind Farms

Bob and Linda Henwood

823 Meadow Vista, CA 95722

[email protected]

(530) 368-6837

#1 Moore Kidd African Pygmy Goats

Rhonda S. Moore

P.O Box 367 Lucerne Valley CA 92356

[email protected]



Mini Pygmies

Greg/Cheryl/Elizabeth/Preston Rachal

44054 Cedar Ave Lancaster CA 93534

[email protected]

Greg (661) 886-0234 / Cheryl (661) 886-0294


Alpine Creek Pygmies

Danica & Mike James

2560 Big Wagon Rd. Alpine CA 91901

[email protected]



Amber Waves Pygmy Goats

Jim or Debbie Hosley

1320 Mountain Ave. Norco CA 92860

[email protected]

(951) 736-1076

Callie Jo Farms

Callie Flores

68 E Fantz Ave. Fresno CA 93706

[email protected]



City Lights

Denise Fraser

1783 E Main St. El Cajon CA 92021

[email protected]

(619) 588-7588

Critter Craze Ranch

Barbara Crane & Family

3205 Belgian Drive Norco CA 92860

[email protected]

(951) 734-8231

Dunn Deal Pygmys

Mia Dunn / Patricia Guest

5500 Manline Drive Mira Loma CA 91752

[email protected]

(951) 681-8516


Happy Trails Farms

Elisabeth Forbes-Hannibal

910 Douglas Pl. Calimesa CA 92320

[email protected]



Jamba’s Pygmies

Lauren and Pamela Beuder

8644 West Avenue E8 Antelope Acres CA 93536

[email protected]


Ponycreek Ranch

Jacqueline Larson

10099 Ojai Santa Paula RDC Ojai CA 93023

[email protected]


Proverbial Pygmies

Donna Elkins

PO Box 880 Jamul CA 91935

[email protected]

Fax: (619) 669-1298 / (619)884-6659


Twilight Ranch

Brittney Cunningham

21705 Twin Canyon Dr Nuevo CA 92567

[email protected]

(951) 290-9800

Pygmy Goat Resources in California



University Agricultural Extension Programs & Services


4-H Clubs

Facebook Groups

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