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Are you considering getting into raising meat goats for profit, but are still on the (goat) fence?

Why Raise Meat Goats?

Infographic – Why Meat Goats?

Why Meat Goats Infographic

The US Goat Meat Market

The goat meat market in the U.S. presents a unique landscape. Here’s an overview:

Rising Demand

In the U.S., demand for goat meat is growing. This uptick is partly driven by the increasing popularity of ethnic cuisines where goat meat is a staple. Moreover, health-conscious consumers are finding goat meat appealing because of its lower fat and calorie content compared to beef and chicken.

Market Growth

The goat meat market in the U.S. is experiencing moderate growth. Factors contributing to this include shifting dietary habits, an expanding consumer base due to immigration, and urbanization.


However, the industry also grapples with certain challenges. Supply chain inefficiencies, animal health and disease management issues, and inconsistencies in the quality of goat meat are significant concerns. Furthermore, the industry relies heavily on traditional methods of goat rearing, leading to lower productivity.

Sustainability and Organic Farming

There’s a marked trend toward sustainable and organic farming practices. U.S. consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of industrial farming and are showing preference for organically reared and ethically sourced meat. Goat farming, which is generally more sustainable than beef or poultry production, stands to gain from this shift.

Geographical Variation

While goat meat production is not as high in the U.S. as in some other countries, certain regions, particularly those with higher concentrations of ethnic groups accustomed to consuming goat meat, are seeing more demand.


The U.S. goat meat market is characterized by increasing demand and moderate growth, with a trend toward more sustainable and organic farming practices. However, it also contends with several challenges related to supply chain management, animal health, and quality control.

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